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Nigel Lindsay as Him in play Harrogate.

West End star Nigel Lindsay is performing at Cornerstone this Friday in 'utterly gutting' play!

Posted on 7 Nov 2016

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West End star Nigel Lindsay is set to perform at Cornerstone on Friday 11th November in 'utterly gutting' play Harrogate

Prior to Nigel's performance this Friday, we had a catch up with the Four Lions actor...

  • Have you ever performed at the Cornerstone in Didcot before? 

I have never performed at the Cornerstone before, but always enjoy playing a new venue.

  • What can the audience expect when they see the show on November 11?

A taut hour and a half with twists, laughs, uncomfortable revelations and a lot to talk about on the way home.

  • For those who are not familiar, what is the show about?

The show explores how, in an extremely dangerous way, a man tries to recapture the love he felt for his wife when they first met and the consequences for his whole family of the unwise direction he follows.

  • How different would you say your role is in this production, compared to your characters in Shrek the Musical and Four Lions?

Well I’d say my role in Shrek is very different to my role in Four Lions as is my role (Sir Robert Peel) in ITV’s Victoria to Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls, both of whom I have also played this year. And they are all different to my role in Harrogate. That’s the beauty of being a character actor.

  • What role do you play within the production?

I play Him. A father and husband with a secret.

  • How important is it for youngsters to go and watch live theatre?

Very. I know everyone thinks it’s expensive but if you look around there are always cheaper ways to see live theatre. And when theatre is good there is NOTHING like it. It’s so important to let the next generation understand that. But  if they are under 15 don’t bring them to see this play!

  • What is your favourite thing about performing to an audience that appreciates your work?

There is nothing like performing to a live audience. You can feel when they are taken along by the story, hear them laugh and cry. It might sound pretentious but it can be emotionally uplifting on both sides.

  • What advice could you give to any aspiring actor who is considering going into acting?

If you have the ability, try and be versatile. That way, if the work dries up in one area, the phone will keep ringing. This year I have been fortunate enough to work in straight and musical theatre, modern and period television drama, film and alternative comedy. Keep your options open.

  • What was the best piece of advice you received when you started your acting career?

If you’re getting unexpected laughs, check your flies.

We are totally intrigued about this show and can't wait to see it on Friday!

If you would like to find out more about Harrogate prior to the performance on Friday 11th November, check out the 4 star review from The Independent

Don't forget to book tickets for this gripping play! Purchase online or via the box office on 01235 515144.