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Niall Kerrigan

Interview with Niall Kerrigan!

Posted on 7 Dec 2017

Stop Press

The wonderful Nutcracker cast are now in the full swing of School performances! Causing lots of belly laughs is Niall Kerrigan who is playing The Nutcracker and Nate. We had a quick catch up with him before today's shows... 

Q) What have you been up to lately?

Lately I've been working a normal job. Watching football when I can. And going to the theatre as often as I can.

Q) What made you want to start acting?

Not sure I remember. Probably attention.

Q) What are you looking forward to most about starring in The Nutcracker and The Mouse King?

I'm looking forward to having new characters to work on and working with new people. Playing, discovering and testing myself. 

Q) What's your favourite Christmas memory?

My favorite Christmas memory was receiving my beloved Ludwig drum kit. I got it when I was 11 and still have it.

Q) Turkey and all the trimmings or something a little different for the big day?

Beef we always have beef. We just prefer it. 

Q) What have you planned for 2018?           

For 2018 I plan to do several shows in the West end, some at the national. And a Hollywood film if I can squeeze one in... Touch wood. 

Q) Which do you prefer, stage or screen?           

I prefer stage work. That way I can't see what I look like. 

Q) Would we have seen you in anything before?          

You might have seen me in Dunkirk, the Batman trilogy, the departed. That's all a lie. Maybe 'we're going on a bear hunt live'?

Q) What is the best thing about performing over Christmas?           

The best thing is the sense of excitement from being a child. But now the sense of closeness between families... And money in cards. 

Q) Favourite bit of the festive season?           

Favorite thing about Christmas is seeing family. 

Q) How did you get into acting?           

I was cast as daddy warbucks at school when I auditioned for rooster. But loved the reaction from the audience at the end and got caught up in the romance of the whole thing. I wanted to feel that as much as possible. So I worked in a call centre too for a bit.

Q) What was your favourite toy when you were a child?           

My favorite toy as a child was a peddle tractor. I was quite skillful on it. Hand break turns, wheelies doughnuts.

Don't miss Niall in The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, our cracker of a Christmas show! Running from 8th - 30th December! CLICK HERE for tickets.