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Carla Goodman

Interview with Carla Goodman!

Posted on 15 Nov 2017

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Whilst everyone was busy planning their Halloween costumes, Carla Goodman, our fantastic set and costume designer for The Nutcracker and The Mouse King was busy creating the magical set and costumes of our Christmas production! 

We asked her a few questions to find out about the exciting process... 

Q) When did you start designing the set and costumes for The Nutcracker and the Mouse King?

I first started working on the design back in September.

Q) What can we expect from the set and costumes?

Fun, quirkiness and a little bit of magic.

Q) What are your top tips for an aspiring costume designer?

Spend as much time in and around theatres as you can, see shows, volunteer backstage and get stuck in.

Q) Is it unusual to be both set and costume designer?

No, in theatre a designer will often take on both set and costume design.

Q) What is your creative process?

I always start by reading the script and discussing initial responses with the director. I do research and pull together inspiring images to flesh out my ideas. The set design will start with a rough white card model and then I’ll finesse the design when making the final model, adding colour and texture.

Q) How did you get into set and costume design?

I’ve always loved the theatre and during a foundation course at London College of Fashion I discovered that I really enjoyed designing costumes.

Q) Once the show opens, how are you involved with the show? 

Most of my work is done before the show officially opens but I’ll be keeping in touch with how it’s all going via show reports which I’ll receive every day.

Q) What's your favourite bit about the festive season?

Decorating the Christmas tree.

Q) What have you lined up for 2018?

I’m kicking off 2018 with an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet at the Orange Tree Theatre then taking a few months off to have a baby!

Q) Traditional turkey and all the trimmings, or something a bit different?

Something different, as long as there is plenty of gravy I’ll be happy.

Q) What was your favourite toy when you were a child?

My doll, Talamika.

This Christmas, our theatre will be transformed into a Victorian toy shop! And the costumes... they really are wow. Click here to get tickets for our festive Christmas show of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King!