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Leaping Frog

Family fun with 'ribbiting' show Leaping Frog!

Posted on 23 Feb 2017

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LEAPING FROG is a new puppet adventure which follows the journey of a jaunty little wood frog who leaps from calm Little Pond arriving quite out of her depth in the Big Pond where all sorts of excitements and challenges meet her. Mr Fisher the Heron is one, a voyage down Running River with fair weather friend, Rubber Duck, is another, not to mention the encounter with tricky Honk the Spotted Skunk in Wide Awake Wood where winter is hiding.

The show is accompanied by varied live music and percussion with Chris Embury with storytelling and puppets by Julia Dunbar McLean. Along the way LEAPING FROG introduces children to natural history in a series of tantalising visual scenes created by Peter Quinnel.

Check out the show's trailer here! 

LEAPING FROG lasts 45 minutes and will enchant young accompanied children from 3 upwards. You can even meet the puppets after the performance. 

This wonderful family show Leaping Frog comes to Cornerstone on Sunday 5th March at 2pm. £8, conc £6 & memb £6.40. To book at Cornerstone call 01235 515144 or click here

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