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Welcome back!

We’re delighted to announce that our café bar Nourish is now open with a brand-new menu of locally sourced baked goods and great coffee in a light, open and welcoming space for all the family to enjoy. Nourish's current opening times are Mon - Thu: 10am-4:30pm, Fri - Sat: 10am-8pm and Sun: 11am-4pm.

Now the big news! From 24th July to 4th September, we will be hosting Didcot Garden Party - a summer-long installation injecting colour, life and fun into the heart of our town centre.  The Garden Party will feature a range of shows, workshops, showcases, events and installations across every weekend. It is then our aim to fully reopen Cornerstone on 7th September with a fantastic relaunch line-up. 

Our box office is currently open Tue - Sat: 11am-3pm and can be reached on 01235 515 144 or by emailing

Thank you once again for all the support you provide us – we couldn’t do what we do without you and we’re extremely excited to have you coming back through our doors.


#CornerstoneAtHome Writers' Club: Your recent pieces

Posted on 4 Jun 2020

We've now drawn #CornerstoneAtHome Writers' Club to a close but before we leave it there, there are some final pieces we'd like to share. Esme has combined the Mystery brief with the Haiku challenge.

A Mystery Peak
by EJ Bates

Humpty, Dumpty? Sat,
Fall or pushed cos he was fat?
Why did he fall? Splat!

Jack, broke crown? Hill,
Fell or pushed by Jill?
Tumbling after? Ill?

Bo-Peep lost her sheep?
Animal neglect, child
A mystery peak.