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Playful Pavements at Cornerstone, Didcot

Come and play in Cornerstone's giant outdoor game!

Posted on 19 Jul 2019

From now onwards children and adults can hop, wiggle, jump, skip, dance and run off steam at Cornerstone’s giant interactive game outside the arts centre. Commissioned by Cornerstone, artist Anna Bruder uses colourful illustrations to present a bespoke outdoor game that creates a playful, friendly and colourful environment for families to explore and play together. 

First seen at London's Southbank Centre, Bruder’s illustrations celebrate the power of imagination to help children, young people, families and adults play together, flourish and believe in themselves. Bruder says: 

“I am extremely passionate about the benefits of play within a family. Adults need to play, and be playful too! My work is concerned with creating artistic, intergenerational connections through creativity. I believe that creativity celebrated through projects such as Playful Pavements will inspire further creativity in families within their home environment. I am thrilled to be invited to create a new and bespoke game for Cornerstone Arts Centre and I am excited to see how the work develops.” 

Bruder began work on Monday 15 July creating her bright illustrations using semi-permanent acrylic spray paint and water-based pens. The artwork takes up to five days to create and will be ready for families to enjoy throughout the summer from Saturday 20 July.

Visit the Playful Pavements event by clicking this link to see more pictures and read more about it!