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Light Space Place art exhibition at Cornerstone Arts Centre in Didcot

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Light Space Place

Wednesday 2 Aug 2023 to Sunday 3 Sep 2023

Light Space Place brings together artists Catherine Ross and James Elliott in offering an innovative, visual exploration of the landscapes around them through a contemporary lens of unconventional procedural and digital art processes.

The focus of Catherine’s research is a visual investigation into liminality. Liminality derives from the Latin word, ‘limin’ meaning ‘threshold,’ key traits of liminality include ambiguity, marginality, and transformation. Catherine is using concepts, materials, methods, subjects, and outcomes to evoke a liminal state. Her work focuses on liminal light (the in-between times of dawn, noon and dusk) and liminal space (the transitory zones of bridges, car parks, flyovers, passageways, piers, sea defense systems, tunnels and underpasses). Her process incorporates digital photography with printmaking, social media, and sound. Resulting in photographic grids, photopolymer etchings, and sound walks/works that explore the liminal space between realism and abstraction. To interact with the sound walks/works gallery visitors will need to bring a mobile phone plus their headphones.

The working title for James’ artistic research is ‘Temporal Place(s): Digital Representations of the Landscape’ and is based around an investigation of whether the representation of temporality might lead to a portrayal of the landscape which reflects our contemporary relationship with the land we inhabit and move through.

An underlying idea behind the multi-layered still and moving pieces was an attempt to visually ‘encapsulate’ an entire journey in a single image, and even possibly to communicate multiple journeys simultaneously. This body of work is (in part) also concerned with how art (and especially contemporary photography) depicts the contemporary ‘landscape’