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British Kenya and The Mau Mau art exhibition at Cornerstone Arts Centre in Didcot

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Image credit: IWM Mau 775


British Kenya and The Mau Mau

Wednesday 14 Jun 2023 to Sunday 30 Jul 2023

This exhibition revisits British Kenya and The Kenyan Land Freedom Army, otherwise known as the Mau Mau uprising (1952–1960).

The display provides some insight into events during the eight years ‘state of emergency’, introduced by the British authorities in the wake of the unrest. But, it is not entirely exhaustive of events during that period.

Issues like the expulsion of Kikuyu tenants from settler farms, loss of land to white settlers, and lack of true political representation for Africans provided the impetus for the uprising.   

Yet, for many, though, the uprising helped to accelerate the road to Kenyan independence, which was achieved on December 12, 1963.