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Befriending My Brain by Eden Silver-Myer at Cornerstone Arts Centre's gallery in Didcot

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Befriending My Brain by Eden Silver-Myer

Wednesday 1 May 2024 to Sunday 2 Jun 2024

Notes from the exhibition artist: Befriending my Brain is about feeling like I finally have started to understand my mind, after 33 years of feeling like a square peg in round hole after round hole. After realising I am neurodivergent things made a lot more sense.

My art is made intuitively which means I have no plan; I play around and make it up as I go along. It’s a way for me to process and express how I’m feeling in a chaos of colour and texture.

By doing what feels right moment by moment, creating art is my mindfulness practice. (Sitting still to meditate never really suited me!) 

I can be aware of thoughts, and explore my senses as I smoosh paint with my hands, scribble with oil pastels or pierce a needle and thread through fabric.

This is about me being me, learning to accept myself and befriend my brain.

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