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Draining the Swamp at Cornerstone Arts Centre in Didcot

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Prices: Full Price £16, Concessions £14

Age guidance 14+

Contains mature themes

Draining the Swamp

Wednesday 17 Apr 2024 7:30pm

Tags: Theatre

Draining the Swamp is a provocative new play, produced by DRH Arts LTD, which is based in Maidenhead, with five actors, exploring the life and activities of Fascist leader, Sir Oswald Mosley, from the 1930s to 1960s. It links Mosley’s world, and that of his controversial second wife, Diana Mitford, to contemporary politicians and populist movements, with a chilling 2019 conclusion. The piece includes scenes set in Parliament, the Mosley home, and Goebells’ house in Berlin.

Oswald Mosley was considered to be the most able politician of the 1920s, a Labour Prime Minister in-waiting. What caused a change in direction for this man, who then founded the right-wing British Union of Fascists, renowned for street violence and antisemitism? What lessons are there for today when nationalism is once more on the rise across the western world, and politicians like Trump are able to attack democracy and stir up violent protest?

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'This is a first-class piece of biographical theatre and a very enjoyable 90 minutes which I would recommend catching' ★★★★ One4Review

'Rowland D. Hill gives an assured performance, portraying the oily charm and charisma of Mosley'★★★★ North West End UK

‘A riveting theatrical production’ ★★★★ Edinburgh Review

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