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Apu - In The High Places by Denise Bryan at Cornerstone Arts Centre in Didcot

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Apu - In The High Places

Saturday 9 Sep 2023 to Saturday 30 Sep 2023

In this installation of new sculpture works, Apu – In the High Places, the artist aims to share with visitors to the gallery the breathless, weightless sense of travelling through a high mountain landscape.

Returning to her studio after an extended research trip through South America Denise Bryan felt that she could not shake the sensations of the High Andes from her mind. It was as if she had inhaled an Apu (a spirit of the mountains). Through various material experimentations she found that creating forms by moulding hardened muslin and drawing these forms together, with the help of a 3D Pen, she could evoke the landscapes imprinted on her mind. The work at the Cornerstone will be the most ambitious iteration of these works.

Bryan, who works in sculpture, video and performance, has shown both nationally and internationally and works as a lecturer in Fine art at Oxford Brookes University.