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Part of Didcot Garden Party!

The Flamenco Thief

Friday 23 Aug 2024 5:30pm

Tags: Music

Join us for an evening of music with The Flamenco Thief!

Craig Sutton, aka “The Flamenco Thief”, is an English instrumentalist who blends fingerstyle and percussive guitar techniques to produce a classic-contemporary Mediterranean sound with lashings of South-American substance. His music incorporates Spanish acoustic, Latin, rumba, and bossa nova with hip-hop and electronica.

With a career spanning 14 years, 4 albums, and numerous tours in Europe, Asia, and South America, he has established himself as a respected artist within the independent music scene. His music features a unique hybrid palette of classic instrumental sounds and digital elements that appeal to diverse cultures. Craig’s philosophy of experimenting and trying new things is evident in his album’s progressive journey, from showcasing his raw musicianship to featuring full instrumental sections.

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