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Cornerstone will keep creating!

Following government advice about Coronavirus, Cornerstone Arts Centre is currently closed to the public. Visit our blog post for more information on this closure: here.

Cornerstone Arts Centre is still Didcot's community hub even in this unprecedented time where we can't be physically open. We will continue to illuminate theatre, visual arts, community spirit and everything else under our umbrella in the best way we possibly can online. 

For a while, our website is going to look a little different. We are creating pages with details of our new digital initiatives including virtual galleries, streaming theatre and bringing classes into your living rooms so you can enjoy us even during this period. We will continue to be a community resource and we look forward to seeing you again in person when this is all over. 


#CornerstoneAtHome Writers' Club: Your pieces from week one

Posted on 23 Apr 2020

This week we launched a #CornerstoneAtHome Writers Club, a series of quick writing prompts to inspire you at home. We're delighted to be able to share a few of your brilliant responses: 

Prompt #1

To celebrate the beginning of Spring, have a listen to Helen Dunmore’s beautiful poem City Lilacs. Today, we’re challenging you to become an imagist poet. Write us a four-line poem where each line describes a new image of Spring.

Your Response



I see the sunflowers dancing in the wind,

I hear the birds singing a melody,

I feel a cold breeze on my face,

I smell the sweet scent of the flowers

by Jhanvi Vallarampara
Year 3, GEMS Didcot primary academy


Prompt #2

Today for #CornerstoneAtHome Writer's Club, we’re looking at the art of Microfiction (short short stories!). It’s widely believed that the shortest story ever written is Ernest Hemingway’s six-word story:
‘For sale: baby shoes, never worn.’
Today’s challenge is to write a short story that is less than 100 words long.

Your Responses

'Home: it's one's Focal Local spot.'
by Jacobi Duff

'Singin' without my mouth, is that time. Unusual sounds derive, ply my stinky words.'
by Jacobi Duff

'Word salad: I jumble words, they communicate finely. They sound funky, they jumble me justly. I eat the words, then I spit them out. I was hungry, and disliked the taste, try word salad, it will make your day.'
by Jacobi Duff

'Wanted: Protective Personal Equipment, never received.'
by EJ Bates


Please do keep your responses coming. We love reading them! To send us your work simply email them to