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#CornerstoneAtHome Writers' Club: Your pieces from week one

Posted on 23 Apr 2020

This week we launched a #CornerstoneAtHome Writers Club, a series of quick writing prompts to inspire you at home. We're delighted to be able to share a few of your brilliant responses: 

Prompt #1

To celebrate the beginning of Spring, have a listen to Helen Dunmore’s beautiful poem City Lilacs. Today, we’re challenging you to become an imagist poet. Write us a four-line poem where each line describes a new image of Spring.

Your Response



I see the sunflowers dancing in the wind,

I hear the birds singing a melody,

I feel a cold breeze on my face,

I smell the sweet scent of the flowers

by Jhanvi Vallarampara
Year 3, GEMS Didcot primary academy


Prompt #2

Today for #CornerstoneAtHome Writer's Club, we’re looking at the art of Microfiction (short short stories!). It’s widely believed that the shortest story ever written is Ernest Hemingway’s six-word story:
‘For sale: baby shoes, never worn.’
Today’s challenge is to write a short story that is less than 100 words long.

Your Responses

'Home: it's one's Focal Local spot.'
by Jacobi Duff

'Singin' without my mouth, is that time. Unusual sounds derive, ply my stinky words.'
by Jacobi Duff

'Word salad: I jumble words, they communicate finely. They sound funky, they jumble me justly. I eat the words, then I spit them out. I was hungry, and disliked the taste, try word salad, it will make your day.'
by Jacobi Duff

'Wanted: Protective Personal Equipment, never received.'
by EJ Bates


Please do keep your responses coming. We love reading them! To send us your work simply email them to