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Beer & Music Fest 2019: Dubwiser

Posted on 3 Jun 2019

It's time for Friday's Cornerstone Beer & Music fest announcement and this week we are announcing and cult classic returning favourite... 


Dubwiser know about playing live music; from back street dives to stadiums, they have played the lot. Working for and supporting the biggest names in reggae (including Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, The Wailers and Mad Professor) has taught them a lot about struggling and also how to be noticed. They put the struggle into music, four people from diverse backgrounds, they have the thread of reggae music in common. It is their passion.

It's this passion that has earned them numerous great reviews!

'A band who don’t mind using the whole received tradition of English rock, US hip hop, Jamaican roots and anything else to generate their unique take on reggae.' -

'Dubwiser serve up a slice of Jamaican sunshine more authentic than Levi Roots ReggaeReggae sauce could ever hope to be.' - FLUSH THE FASHION

'Dubwiser have made a terrific effort to bring some Caribbean soul and sunshine to the streets of a dull grey Britain' - Adam Hardy (All Gigs)

'Island sounds straight out of London' - Afro Punk Zine

'The vocals feel their way over iron-hard grooves with irresistible hooks and it all seems to slot together with remarkable ease. But the more you listen the more you see the immense potential there is in this project' - Shout4Music

'Leaves you in no doubt that these boys are one of the best live acts out there at the moment' - Sean Diamond (Louder Than War)

'The burn down Bablyon dub collective' - Vox Magazine

Definitely not one to pass up whilst you're tasting all the amazing local beer up for grabs!


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