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Don't Look Away at Cornerstone, Didcot

2for1 tickets for Don't Look Away

Posted on 2 Apr 2019

Deals and Offers

Don't miss out on this 2for1 ticket offer on Don't Look Away, a powerful new production from Novae Theatre, sister company to internationally renowned Idle Motion. 

Directed by Nicholas Pitt (Mistero Buffo, The Arcola) and written by Grace Chapman (It’s Not A Sprint, The Pleasance) this is daring theatre inventive in its form and astonishing in its delivery.

A critical tale of compassion and an investigation into our collective response to the international refugee crisis.

Simple quote 241Theatre at the checkout to claim your special offer.

This is like throwing a punch at a tidal wave. It’s not going to make it stop or slow down. it’s just going to engulf you, and me. until there’s nothing left.

2015. A young man enters a community centre, covered in flour and looking for help. He finds Cath, a cleaner, who reluctantly lets him stay in her son’s room. A split-second decision which will change her life forever.

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