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Every summer, we close for 2 weeks to complete building maintenance. This year, we will be closed to the public from 21st Aug – 5th Sep, this includes our coffee shop Nourish. 

Tickets and classes can still be booked online during this period but the box office will be closed for telephone queries. 

We look forward to welcoming you all back on Wednesday 6th September! 


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Prices: £14, Conc £12, Members £11.20, Family £48 (4 to include at least 1 child)

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Tipping Point

Thursday 5 Oct 2017 to Friday 6 Oct 2017

Tags: Theatre, Dance, Family and Children's

Ockham’s Razor produced by Turtle Key Arts presents TIPPING POINT- an award-winning show. 

Tipping Point is set in the round; the audience drawn in close, as the action veers from catastrophe to mastery. The five performers, enclosed within the circle of the stage, transform simple 5 metre metal poles into a rich landscape of images.

Poles are balanced on fingertips, hung from the roof, lashed, climbed, swung from and walked along, they become forests, cross roads and pendulums. The performers balance, climb and cling to this teetering world, supporting each other as they wrestle with the moment when things begin to shift. They must decide whether to rail against the chaos, struggling to exert order on a disordered world, or ride it out, allowing life to tilt towards the tipping point. 


'There's something magical about Ockham's Razor' - Evening Standard

'A touching exploration of trust and betraylal, executed with a playful lightness of touch' - Financial Times

'Exhilarating to watch, both thrilling and nerve-racking - a spellbinding performance' - The Stage

'Thrilling aerial theatre from the trailblazing Ockham's Razor' - Metro

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