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Thunder Road

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Prices: £14, conc £10, members £7 and Family of 4 £40.

Thunder Road

Saturday 20 Oct 2018 7:30pm

Tags: Theatre

RedCape Theatre and Turtle Key Arts presents Thunder Road. 

This bold, original performance by RedCape Theatre is about the power of the Heimlich manoeuvre, adventure and escape, the death of the Little Chef, the call of the open road, and the kind of friendship you'd take a bullet for.

Taking as its inspirations the quintessentially British First Aid training course and the iconic feminist road movie 'Thelma and Louise', fusing theatre and stand-up, Thunder Road tells a story like you've never seen before, that will ring true in your heart and make you laugh till you cry.

Tonight, in a village hall near you, Maureen and Sylvie will be stunning you with their groundbreaking First Aid training. Sharing life-saving skills, life lessons and biscuits, they'll explode those medical myths and demonstrate the importance of always looking for danger.

Running time: 1 hour. 

Age guidance: 14+.

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