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Cornerstone will keep creating!

Following government advice about Coronavirus, Cornerstone Arts Centre is currently closed to the public. Visit our blog post for more information on this closure: here.

Cornerstone Arts Centre is still Didcot's community hub even in this unprecedented time where we can't be physically open. We will continue to illuminate theatre, visual arts, community spirit and everything else under our umbrella in the best way we possibly can online. 

For a while, our website is going to look a little different. We are creating pages with details of our new digital initiatives including virtual galleries, streaming theatre and bringing classes into your living rooms so you can enjoy us even during this period. We will continue to be a community resource and we look forward to seeing you again in person when this is all over. 

M.E.H at Cornerstone, Didcot

Ticket Information

Prices: Pay What You Think It's Worth

This performance is priced on a Pay What You Think It's Worth basis, which means that tickets are available to book in advance as usual, but there is no obligation for you to pay until after you have seen the show. You can then decide on a price which you think is suitable based on your experience.

Please book in advance and ensure you have arrived and collected your tickets 15 minutes before the show starts in order to secure your seats. At the end of the show, you can decide what to pay, either by cash or card as you leave the auditorium.

M.E.H (Mass Epidemic Hysteria)

Friday 21 Jun 2019 7:30pm

Tags: Theatre

The Outbound Project presents

M.E.H (mass epidemic hysteria)

Award winning physical/visual theatre company The Outbound Project explore the unexplained phenomenon of mass epidemic hysteria in this powerful, visceral new piece of work.

Ancient Egypt: ‘Wandering womb’ theory first recorded.

1518: Hundreds of people dance uncontrollably on the streets of Strasbourg.

1877: Dr Jean-Martin Charcot gives demonstrations of hypnosis on female ‘hysterics’ in Paris.

2019: An award-winning theatre company write this blurb.

Right now: You read this and understand implicitly that it won’t just be a group of people screaming in a dark room for an hour. You sense it’s an exploration of medical and theatrical storytelling that transcends time. You feel a sensation that can only be described as an uncontrollable urge. You book your ticket.


"...fantastic in their performance...their physical work is superb." Exeunt

​"a very enjoyable production delivered by a first rate cast." London Theatre 1

​ "...fiercely intelligent...relentlessly imaginative...philosophically and emotionally honest." FEST****

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