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Cornerstone will keep creating!

Following government advice about Coronavirus, Cornerstone Arts Centre is currently closed to the public. Visit our blog post for more information on this closure: here.

Cornerstone Arts Centre is still Didcot's community hub even in this unprecedented time where we can't be physically open. We will continue to illuminate theatre, visual arts, community spirit and everything else under our umbrella in the best way we possibly can online. 

For a while, our website is going to look a little different. We are creating pages with details of our new digital initiatives including virtual galleries, streaming theatre and bringing classes into your living rooms so you can enjoy us even during this period. We will continue to be a community resource and we look forward to seeing you again in person when this is all over. 

Heart of Darkness at Cornerstone

Ticket Information

Prices: Free

Age guidance: 14 yrs+

Streamed exclusively on Cornerstone Arts Centre's YouTube channel, ready to watch: here!


Heart of Darkness

Thursday 21 May 2020 to Thursday 28 May 2020

Tags: Theatre

A lockdown stream of Imitating the dog's acclaimed Heart of Darkness.

Written more than 100 years ago, Heart of Darkness is a tale of lies and brutal greed and of the dark heart which beats within us all.

Now re-sited in a forsaken Europe, lost to the destructive lust for power, it emerges as a tale absolutely for our time.

Digital theatre maker, imitating the dog, turns its attention to Joseph Conrad’s extraordinarily influential novel, Heart of Darkness. This bold re-telling of the Conrad classic is a visually rich, multi-layered work which fuses live performance with digital technology.

The performers enter the stage, into uncharted territory. They are adrift with a story that they know they must tell. As they wait for the turn of the tide, the story unfolds like an animated cinemascope graphic novel on the hanging projections screens above their heads. The heart of darkness must be found.

"Coupling extensive video images with live performance, this graphic production engages with racism and sexism and trans-casting, interspersing discussions among the cast on why and how they are attempting to interpret Conrad’s seminal text for a modern audience — an example of how the best theatre, in many different ways, always holds a mirror up to the world we inhabit." -  Morning Star

The story is impossible to tell, but it must be told.

Check out the article about Heart of Darkness in The Guardian:


“It’s radical in every way” - The Times

“You may think you know this story, but this version, especially the ending, grips you anew” - The Times

“conceptually breath-taking” - The Stage

★★★★★ – Behind  the arras

“extraordinary production”Behind  the arras

The Reviews Hub ★★★.5

“a thought-provoking retelling of the tale for today”Reviews Hub

“The concept for this play is exceptional and very ambitious” - Stage Talk Magazine

“an incredible piece of work, beautifully imagined and boldly interpreted”Small House Big Trips

★★★★ - Break A Leggers

“Meta theatre” combined with some of the most creative multimedia production we’ve ever seen

Bromsgrove Standard

“a compelling piece of theatre”I choose Birmingham


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