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Harpy at Cornerstone, Didcot

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Saturday 28 Mar 2020 7:30pm

Tags: Theatre

Birdie’s a hoarder. The neighbours call her a harridan and a harpy, although most have never even met her. They see her hoard as a hazard for house prices. But it isn’t rubbish. It’s her life’s work and it exists because years ago something deeply cherished was stolen from her; Birdie’s not been able to give up anything since.

She’ll do anything to get this priceless thing back. Anything at all.

National treasure Su Pollard gives a one-woman tour-de-force performance in this razorsharp and bittersweet dark drama from Fringe First award winner Philip Meeks (Kiss Me Honey, Honey!, Murder, Margaret and Me).


‘Su Pollard gives the performance of her life, an unmissable tour-de-force of comedy and drama brought together in a fantastically constructed piece of theatre.’ - THEATRE WEEKLY ★★★★★ 

‘A bitter-sweet production… Pollard is effortless… she delivers a powerful performance which has the audience hooked from the thunderous entrance straight through.’ - EDFEST MAG ★★★★

'Su Pollard excels... Meeks has woven an elaborate script... beautifully deep and detailed' - BROADWAY BABY ★★★★

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