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Dry at Cornerstone, Didcot

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Prices: £12.50, Concs £10.50

Age guidance: 14yrs+ (contains some swearing)

20% Members Discount.


Thursday 16 Jan 2020 7:30pm

Tags: Theatre

Life in the Cotswolds is good, and hardworking James and Ellen Wilson enjoy relaxing with a drink, or two, or three, and often entertain friends with good food and quite a few bottles of good wine.

Where does this drinking stop, or does it at all? And how does teenage daughter Chloe cope with the cracks appearing in the formerly smooth-running household?

A one-hour play with live music, this is a hard-hitting look at the insidious drinking habits to which many of us have succumbed. There is partying and humour alongside the hard hitting facts, making DRY thought provoking and entertaining theatre.

There will be a Q&A after each performance with guest speakers from Turning Point and other local organisations.

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