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The Chosen Haram at Cornerstone Arts Centre in Didcot

Ticket Information

Prices: £15, Concessions £13.50, £12 Members


Duration: 65 mins

Age Recommendation: 16+

Includes scenes of a sexual nature, drug use and images that some people may find upsetting. Contains strobe and flashing lights.

The Chosen Haram

Thursday 15 Jun 2023 7:30pm

Tags: Theatre, Dance

Expect a heady mix of love, drugs and Islam. This unique and complex take on circus, performed on two Chinese poles, is emotionally candid with moments of humour and joy set to a banging soundtrack.

The Chosen Haram deals with themes of sexuality, faith, addiction and connection. The story of two gay men and their chance meeting through a dating app, portraying the highs and lows of their relationship and the barriers they face, social, cultural and personal in seeking happiness and personal fulfilment.

The Chosen Haram is based on a combination of lead artist Sadiq Ali’s personal experience, as well as interviews with members of the LGBTQ+ community who identify as (ex) Muslim. The show is an exploration into the personal struggles faced by many people whose upbringing contradicts their personal truths, and how this can lead to self-destructive behaviour.

Something that is “Haram” is forbidden by Islam.


“Powerful, strong and sensual” The Queer Review ★★★★★

“Beautifully choreographed, totally unmissable” The Recs ★★★★★

“An astonishing fusion of circus and storytelling” Fest Mag ★★★★★

“Elevates a boy meets-boy love story into something dream-like” The Guardian ★★★★

“Beautiful story, beautifully told” The Stage ★★★★

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