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About a Bot

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About a Bot

Saturday 27 Oct 2018

Tags: Theatre, Family and Children's

22/11 Productions presents About a Bot. 

Sometimes it takes a little robot to solve a big problem…

Autonomous robots with artificial intelligence are part of our everyday lives. One day a cute little robot working in a bank wondered, Why? Then it decided to order pizzas for everyone!

It’s less than 48 hrs to the launch of Virtual Life’s ground-breaking video game, Infinity3. Chief Designer, Dr. Marcus Allen, is working 24/7 to hit the release deadline. He’s worked all his life for this moment and now it all could be taken away from him because... A cute little robot working in a bank decided to order pizzas for everyone!

Robots that order pizzas are a problem, Marc’s problem. Sadly, not his only one. About a bot is a symphony for the senses, suitable for the whole family, and will be the first professional theatrical production to feature a “live” autonomous robot performing in the lead role.

Running time: Act 1 - 45 mins. Act 2 - 30 mins.

Age guidance: 8+. 

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