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Q&A with Implexa Dance Company on The Vanquished

Q&A with Implexa Dance Company on The Vanquished

Posted on 2 May 2018

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Implexa Dance Company presents The Vanquished, a double-bill performance featuring Vernom and Ash. 

Ahead of their performance at Cornerstone, we caught up with the company to find out more about the show... 

Q) What is The Vanquished about? 

The Vanquished is made up of two shows; Ash and Venom.  Both of which are two very different shows but with one strong connection – Victorian literature.

Q) What are both shows about?

Ash is based on the ‘Fall of the House of Usher’ by Edgar Alan Poe and Venom is based on ‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens. Each explore the narrative and themes of each book and create a visual masterpiece whilst staying true to the stories.

Q) What’s the rehearsal process like?

Well, it all starts with the inspiration. Then we looks at either one point of the story or the characters. In which we develop a motif, which is then referred to and highlighted throughout.

Q) Where is it being performed?

We’ve got a range of venues lined up for this tour. Keep an eye on our website and social media for announcements.

Q) Who can come and see it?

Implexa try to ensure that audiences from any background can watch our shows and enjoy them. Although for The Vanquished we recommend it be seen by 11+ audiences.

Q) What style of dance is it?

The show is mainly contemporary dance with elements of physical theatre and gesture based styles fused within.

Q) What is a fusion?

A fusion is the intertwining of two or more elements to make them so they become something new. Implexa takes contemporary and intertwines it with another element or style to create a brand new form of dance.

Q) Will every performance have some kind of fusion?

Yes! Our dance pieces will always include a fusion with a prop, story, theme, narrative and much more!

Q) Who are Implexa Dance Company?

We are an upcoming contemporary dance company based in Oxfordshire. We are dedicated to fusions, performing arts, education and the community. We also tour around Berkshire and Hampshire. Check out our website to see if we’re coming to a venue near you!

Q) What are you planning to do in the future?

Now that would be telling! But rest assured that they will always be original contemporary dance pieces with some sort of fusion. They will be enjoyable for everyone and anyone and they will always include a little hint of darkness to them!

The Vanquished takes to the Cornerstone stage on Saturday 12th May @ 7:30pm.

Enjoy half price tickets! Use code: Contemporary. Click here to purchase tickets. 

A gripping show not to be missed for any theatre/dance fans out there!

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