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Landscapes: Structure Within Nature at Cornerstone Arts Centre in Didcot

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Landscapes: Structure Within Nature

Tuesday 3 Oct 2023 to Sunday 29 Oct 2023

This is Lisa Turner's exhibition Landscapes: Structure Within Nature. Turner is a tutor for our Learn To Paint classes so take the chance to check out this work and get inspired for her classes.

In this exhibition I explore the relationship between nature and human made structures, focussing on how buildings and sculptures can accentuate the existing beauty. Sometimes the structure is old, and we can see how nature has claimed it back, adopting it as an integral part of the landscape.

For newer structures, thoughtful design and construction can ensure a complementary relationship between nature and artifice. Visitors are often drawn to these spaces, and I like to add them into my paintings to show the appeal of the vista.

The works in the exhibition capture scenes from my travels in Britain and Continental Europe, reflecting resplendent and attention-grabbing structures that sit comfortably at home in their landscape. My aim is to show the sympathetic, at times symbiotic, relationship between the two.