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Inside Spaces by Sarah Moncrieff and prisoners at HMP Bullingdon at Cornerstone, Didcot

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Inside Spaces

Tuesday 1 Oct 2019 to Sunday 27 Oct 2019

Exhibition by Sarah Moncrieff and prisoners at HMP Bullingdon.

Over the last year, prisoners at HMP Bullingdon have had art sessions with artist Sarah Moncrieff, producing work around the theme of 'Inside Spaces'. This was a chance for them to look at their envrionment and create pieces of artwork that represent what it means to them.

Artist Sarah Moncrieff believes that the art sessions enabled the participants to embark on a journey of creative development, increasing their self esteem. The art sessions allowed them to forget their troubles for a while and enjoy the pleasure of drawing or painting for its own sake. Participation in the art sessions has brought prisoners together and allowed exploration of identity, connection, mutual acceptance and encouragement. Their work is testament to their talents.