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The Midnight Mission at Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot

Ticket Information

Prices: £12.50, £11.25 Concessions, £10 Members

Special effects include:


Flashes/Flashing Images


The Midnight Mission

Friday 28 Oct 2022 2:00pm

Tags: Theatre

Something's going bump in the night!

Agents Dali & Kahlo of top-secret global creative agency Company of International Artists, receive a code red call which means only one thing: ART IN PERIL! They're going to need the sharpest agents to crack this case. Will you join the team?

You'll travel to Villa Diodati, Lake Geneva, where you will work against the clock as you chase leads, decipher clues and interview suspects.

What's your theory, agents? Can it all be explained logically or is it, just maybe, a little bit supernatural? Does the old caretaker know more than he's letting on? Just what is behind Lord Bryon's portrait? And when will Dali next get his hands on a chocolate digestive?    

Featuring a broad streak of quirky comedy, family-friendly spoof horror and inspired by the literary history of Mary Shelley 'Frankenstein', 'The Midnight Mission' is a slightly-spooky playable family theatre show. 

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