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photo of Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell

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Didcot Cafe Scientifique - Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Tuesday 18 Jul 2023 7:30pm

Tags: Talks, Performance Hire

Dame Jocelyn is an astrophysicist, best known for her discovery of ‘pulsars’ — rotating neutron stars that appear to pulse as the radio beam they emit sweeps repeatedly across the Earth. Her observation made together with her supervisor, Antony Hewish is considered to be one of the greatest astronomical discoveries of the twentieth century.

She has been a role model and champion for young students and particularly for women in science. She is the first female President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Dame Jocelyn was awarded an honorary degree by the University in 2017. She succeeds Lord Naren Patel and is the fifth Chancellor of the University over its 50-year history, following HM The Queen Mother (1967-77), Lord Dalhousie (1977-92), Sir James Black (1992-2006), and Lord Patel (2006-2017).




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