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David H Jones – Colour Fusions at Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot

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David H Jones – Colour Fusions

Tuesday 28 Feb 2023 to Wednesday 26 Apr 2023

Jones’s abstract acrylic paintings explore the physical and nourishing properties of colour. Inspired by the changing palette of the seasons his contemplative process of repetitive mark making and over-painting creates colourful and richly textured surfaces to uplift and enliven your spirits.

‘Colour Fusions’ brings together a body work made over the last of ten years. Exhibiting paintings to show a working process from small scale sketch work to larger canvases. His most recent paintings ’On Reflection’ and ‘Colour Cascades’ apply pointillist principles of optical mixing.

Jones writes:

‘During our waking hours the wonder of seeing consumes our visual sense. What we delight in, is often the simple momentary observations of something that catches our eye. It may be blossom on foliage, the burst of morning light, reflections on rippling water. …etc

Recalling these delights is the inspiration and starting point for my painting. With a notion about a combination of colour either circulating on a common ground; or a transition of hue, I produce small ‘colour sketch’ paintings to explore ideas. Apart from a colour theme, I have no vision of how the finished work should look, the outcome is always a realization rather than an intention. Larger paintings follow with a build-up of random daubs to induce creative feedback. A process is then set in motion with self-generated patterns and illusions of space emerging as hues combine or conflict, rhythmically advance or retreat. When all this sort of resolves itself, the painting is complete.’

With roots in Merseyside, Jones studied painting at Bristol before settling in West Berkshire, where his studio overlooks the Lambourn Downs.

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