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Cally Trench’s Original Board Games at Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot

Ticket Information

Prices: £5, £2.50 Under 18s

Suitable for adults and children aged 8+

No unaccompanied children under 16 please.

Cally Trench’s Original Board Games

Saturday 8 Oct 2022 2:00pm

Workshop: Other

Ages: Children

Come and play Cally’s original playable board games. Cally Trench's games are fun, but they have also been described as 'subversive' and 'ethically confusing'. They are concerned with social and economic issues, including shopping and debt, theft, death, migration, the environment, and inequality.

Cally Trench writes: "These games do not pretend to make intellectual statements about economic or political problems. Just as musicals often confront topics such as war, revolution, and poverty, I believe that board games are a way for people to engage with what distresses us."

Cally Trench's board games (each for 2-4 players) last 5-20 minutes and have accessible rules. 

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